What kind of service is Smart Delivery?

Smart Delivery is a web-based route planning system that optimises and route plans based on the most efficient conditions. Offers SMS notification to customer with estimated delivery time as well as follow-up in real time. Smart Delivery offers a three-way communication - distributor-driver-end customer.

What are the benefits of using Smart Delivery?

The major benefits are increased quality as well as reduced cost per delivery. Optimised route planning results in lower fuel consumption, fewer boom runs, and less environmental impact. Smart Delivery offers total delivery overview as well as flexible communication solutions. The system increases your productivity and keeps your deliveries organized and effective, giving your company a competitive edge. Smart Delivery also enables the customer to track their delivery in real time.

How do we charge for used services?

At the end of the month, you will only be charged per announced address -Pay Per Pin. No monthly fees, SMS- or support costs are added.

For who is Smart Delivery?

For all businesses where delivery planning occurs such as distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and stores. Even for businesses offering e-commerce.

How is route planning, optimisation and SMS notification done?

Upload delivery list according to template, the system optimises route based on your specified parameters. Assign route list to driver via link. Via SMS notification, customers can track their delivery in real time.

Are there delivery reports and statistics?

Yes, all delivery data is saved. Reports and statistics can be downloaded.

For questions, contact customer service: support@smart-delivery.se